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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash or check.  We do not accept credit cards.  Please come prepared.

Can we cut our own tree?  Do you have any trees that are freshly cut ready for pickup?
Our farm is a you pick, we cut farm.  There is no need to bring a saw.  You can stroll our fields and choose and then we will cut it for you!  The best trees go quickly and snow can easily slow down access to many of our trees so we do have a good selection of fresh cut premium trees for purchase.  

Do I need to bring a saw? Can I bring my Chainsaw?
No, our farm is a you pick, we cut farm so we will cut the tree of your choice for you. No power saws of any kind.

Can I bring my dog?
Absolutely.  We love friendly dogs on leashes.  We ask that you clean up after your dog and keep them in the car if they become uncomfortable around children or strangers.

Do you have trolley rides, horses, bounce castles, Santa, etc?
We have wagon rides on weekends, a giant inflatable reindeer, and lots of friendly faces.  We try to keep it simple so you and your family can have a great day without all of the crowds of people!

Do you wrap/bale, shake & tie on trees?
We do shake and wrap each tree we sell at no additional cost.  We do not tie trees on your car, although we will help you lift it on the roof of your car and provide twine and some tips and assistance on how to make sure the tree makes the trip home safely. It is your responsibility to secure the tree to your vehicle.

I have a stand that requires the tree to be drilled, can you do that?
Yes.  We predrill all of our fresh cut trees for display and can drill your tree too.  We also sell stands that fit drilled trees.

Do you shake trees?
Yes. We shake trees to remove any debris that may end up inside from cutting, dragging or even dead or loose needles. This ensures that it won’t end up inside your home.  We provide this service at no extra charge.